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Loon's 1975 FLH

The LunarCycle is a stripped stocker '75 FLH..everything on the bike is stock cept for the midsize solo seat and the air cleaner..even the front tire is "vintage" 1972!..a GoodYear "speedslip"!
Plans include:
A kicker!
Different muffler(I like the two into one system)pipes will be flat black.
New black imron paint on everything..mabye a little cream on the sides of the 3.5 tanks.
Stock solo seat with pogo.
Possibly a round swing-arm with disc brake(in the works).
The engine is being taken apart,cleaned,and inspected,and rebuilt since it crushed a lifter at 75 mph and sent all sorts of gremlins into the bottom end and pump.
Shovel will be stock 80 inch.
Rocker covers and cone will be polished, gloss black cylinders, glass beaded heads and cases.
I like painted and polished rather than chrome.


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