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Interested in staying on an update list, save some time as you'll know when new stuff is added the day it's added? If so then send me your eMail address to be included on the Updates Listing. Your request must come from the email address you're asking to be added to the Update List. As before no one other than yourself will ever see your address. Send requests to me at

Interested in a bumper sticker for Murphy's Law? If you're on the site or a contributor they're free, just send a stamped self-addressed #10 envelope to:
PO Box 1697
Brazoria, TX 77422

If you're not on the site or a contributor [why not?] just send a buck to cover expenses.

Any contributions be it images or text that can't be eMailed should be sent to the same address. If you want photos or work back please send a stamped envelope also.