Brotherhood, Sisterhood and All That Stuff There.

What is all this brotherhood, sisterhood stuff? In the 80's and 90's the trend is each man/woman for themselves. The me generation of beautiful people has become the culture of today's youth, every kid has a cell phone stuck to their ear and a pager welded to the too loose belt that fails to hold up their too big pants. The only thing that most of these kids, and their parents, care about is themselves. No, not the kids about the parents and the parents about the kids but each person cares only about themselves. Is there any brotherhood or sisterhood alive in those pager toting assholes? I don't think so.

This is what is supposed to aid in separating 'us' from them. Like unit cohesiveness in the military. A good unit commander figures if a unit eats, sleeps, drinks and fucks together (not each other) the unit is going to be cohesive, stick together and function as one. This is going to happen whether on the battlefield or in a bar fight.

When I was in the grunts my platoon was one of these cohesive units. We didn't always get along but in a crunch it was each man back to back or shoulder to shoulder fighting for a common cause. Our numbers and integrity gave us strength. We didn't show the weakness of any fissures in our structure to outsiders. If someone wasn't pulling their weight or did something that threatened our integrity we took care of it internally, still giving the facade of a cohesive unit. Even the illusion of a cohesive unit gave us more strength that those units with no bond. All close groups have occasional internal unrest. When this happened in our section we would go out, get drunk and fight. Each other, others, who cared. Blow off steam and get back to business. The important thing, to us, was to maintain our unit integrity. If we were prowling the town and one of our own got into trouble, by his own stupidity, you could count on the rest of the unit to back him up. No matter how wrong the individual was or how stupid his actions were the whole unit would back him. He might get his later, but the unit was there, together, making a stand.

What the fuck is JR^ talking about? Well, the only team, group, tribe, bunch, flock or gaggle I have ever seen show any signs of this cohesiveness, outside the military, is bikers. Bikers have a common bond. It's something in my blood and genes, my DNA that lets me talk to Sarge^, Mongo, REVD, legs and the rest of the worlds scooter trash like I've known them my entire life. There is a primordial bond that links us. We call it brotherhood and sisterhood. It's our lifestyle and beliefs that makes us alike while we are so uniquely different. This unity that we call brotherhood makes us different from everyone every where. It is a bond that we need to protect and to nurture. We, too often, see the new generation of Biff's and Tad's trying to buy our lifestyle, they can use the old gold card to copy my altar but they can't buy my religion. They can own bikes like ours, learn the lingo and dress the part but they can't buy the lifestyle, they can't copy my soul.

Our brotherhood is our unit integrity, our cohesiveness and we need to protect it and protect each other. Sometimes one of the unit fucks up. This happens and needs to be taken care of, but once we show 'them' the other side the weakness in our bond they attack it. People fuck up, they make mistakes, they exercise poor judgment and sometimes need direction. On occasion it may be discovered that one of the unit does not, indeed, belong. In that case the error should be corrected but all the while unit integrity and cohesiveness must be protected. Again, even the illusion of weakness gives the enemy strength.

When, as bikers, we start to sell the secrets of our religion to the me generation and teach them the weaknesses of our culture, show them the chinks in our armor, we come one step closer to allowing them to buy more than just machines that looks like ours.

When we stand together we can protect ourselves and our lifestyles, if we split through petty differences we risk allowing our entire brotherhood to fall.


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