The VBMO is the Virtual Biker's Motorcycle Organization.

It came about through Slim's page, the Virtual Biker (there's a link from the links page) and the people who hung out there. Slim's page was a place for bikers on the net to hang out, American oriented but with regular visits from people all around the world. To my mind it's popular because it isn't commercial, there's nothing to buy there, and Slim doesn't get any financial rewards for it, in fact it must be costing him quite a few dollars with all the shit going on and the traffic going through. The only "problem" was that it is a public site, and anyone can post stuff to his message boards.

While that's all well and good, Slim decided that there was a need of a place that was "invitation only" so you didn't get the board cluttered up with "all bikers are fags!" flamebait or seedy chat. (sure, he can administer the boards and delete stuff, but like I said, he get's a lot of traffic and it would be a full time job) The other thing about an invitation only site is that you knew that anyone who posted there was not only a genuine biker, but a genuine person as well.

This doesn't mean there aren't differences of opinion or personality. It does mean that we treat each other with respect. It doesn't mean I can't say "Hey! you're wrong!" to another member about a given point, it does mean that I fight for that members' right to have and express an opinion that I may think is crap, and my right to say so.

But what stops it falling apart in a flame war is the fact that we are all there because of the common beliefs that we all share, yet it is made richer by our own individual beliefs, not weaker.

The VBMO hasn't been around for very long, so by and large the membership is spread far and wide, but there is always the opportunity to meet, either regularly on-line, or more rarely in person, and become a part of a community of people that share a lot of whatever it is that makes you who you are.

The VBMO is a democracy (perhaps an anarchy) One member, one vote. Period.

To become a member, an existing member has to propose you, you are then (maybe) given a trial period, during which time you find out if we are your kind of people (and vice-versa). Once a member you are expected to participate, particularly on voting matters, and become a member of the community.

The VBMO doesn't have any hidden agendas, and is not a secret or criminal society. The VBMO is open to both sexes, and (almost) all ages. The main credo is a love of Milwaukee Iron.

**Note**The above was written by JiveBunny an active member of the V.B.M.O.

Since this was written the VBMO has purchased their own server upon which the Public Forums used to reside where it had a nice long run of many years. Times change, attitudes change and bank accounts get depleted. The V.B.M.O. can now be found at http://vbmo.proboards.com/index.cgi...You'll find a few of the old timers and some new. No rules, no dues, no officers. Just a board for bikers.