Jap Walkies

    I've ridden a Harley over 25 years, seen the changes good and
bad but what I see now makes me sad. Where is the the back yard mechanic
that builds his own scooter, let alone the parts for it?  The brother that
will give you 50 cents because he's only got a dollar, the dedication and
the loyalty the love for his machine and doesn't bitch because ya have to
turn a wrench every now and then.
    I have ridden Evos they are nice, they do go fast, but they don't
have the personality of the old bikes. No way!  They're "Yuppy machines", 
machines for the lazy assholes that don't want to tend to their horse or 
get grease under their finger nails!  Now HARLEY DAVIDSON has told their 
dealers. "Don't work on nothing but Evos."  Who the fuck made that company???
We did! I guess they just kinda forgot.  Kinda like around 1968 when they 
sold out to a bolling ball company, then when they were about 2 flushes 
from down the tubes, who stuck by them and made them what they are today?  
We did as Harley riders and as a group of people who weren't afraid of 
getting  gravel in their ass or grease under their finger nails.
    I call Evos JAP WALKIES they look Japanese but they're made in Milwaukee.
    You stick your yuppie back stabben, trinket dealn, dealers up your
collective company ass.
        Enuff said you don't like it Email me or get lost.
Jake / The One Armed Bandit

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