The Old Lone Wolf
By Irish

you ever noticed the old stray dog 
just outside the circle of light 
looking like he's wanting in ? 

kinda scruffy and unkempt, 
his body stooped and bent, 
who knows where he has been ? 

his haunted eyes, gray, and cold, 
speak silently of horrors untold 

the years have slipped by, 
but he dare not tell why 

many paths he's traveled, 
so many more not yet, 
some paths he can never go back 

he looks older than sin, 
will this life never end ? 

forever watching his back, 
is the price he must pay, 
if he wants to see another day 

that warm fire looks cheery, 
out here its miserable and dreary 

that warm fire is where he should of always been, 
always on the outside looking in, will it ever end ? 

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