You ever notice how some things start out having some meaning but then when the herds pick up on it they tend to seem rather silly? I can remember when FTW used to have some meaning until the yuppies picked up on it and you started seeing FTW everywhere and slowly it died the death it deserved.

Years ago bunch of tramps in California started flipping their Harley Davidson patches to show their disgust with the way the Motor Company was treating its customers. It reached a point that anything under the sun was having a HD logo sewed, ironed, glued, painted, printed or tattooed on itself. Harley Davidson shops turned into a nightmare for scooter jocks who only wanted to pick up some parts or check out the new sleds. Flipping any Harley Davidson patches you might have on your jackets or vests became a pretty common way to show that you weren't happy with the way things were going and pity the brother who happened to have put the logo under his skin.

I used to feel this was just a local thing until making some runs out of state and seeing the same thing. Moving to Texas a few years ago I also ran into the flipped patch here and there. Weaving my way around the Internet I run into the same feelings that I used to think were just local. Some scooter tramps are even under the impression that they and they alone started this mass flipping of the HD logo. Truth be known it was likely some tramps ol' lady who was pissed at the time and sewed the sucker on upside down to seek out some revenge on her old man. Who knows? The stories I have gathered on the subject of where it started all seem to come close to whoever happens to be telling the story be it California, Texas, New Mexico or New York. Everyone thinks THEY started the flipped patches.

My feelings on the flipped logo have slowly changed as I see more and more NON bikers sporting the theme. Granted the Motor Company is still busy putting its logo on everything under the sun and moon and copyrighting everything from the sound of a v-twin to the smell of 60wt, but my feelings on the flipped patch is that it's reached the point of being silly. When I see the yuppie set wearing a flipped patch and when asked why they respond they don't know but just think it's cool I want to gag. I have never been big on logos of one sort or another but have received my fair share of shop T-shirts for birthdays and such. The way I'm starting to look at this is the Motor Company is in business producing motorcycles that I happen to dig. They are facing governments world wide who would like to see motorcycles banned outright. Fuck that! I ride Harley Davidson and if I had the bread would have a model of each and every year. If Harley Davidson has to sell pink panties with their logo sewed on the butt to keep the factories turning out motorcycles so be it. I'm proud to ride Harley Davidson and hope to continue to for many years to come.

Fuck flipped patches, fuck logos period. I'm not flipping shit anymore except maybe my middle finger when the ass hole on the Honda waves as he goes by with his tennis shoes matching his paint. Flipped logos??? Nope....Flip this!!!



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