Censorship and Discrimination


I like your page and read your feelings about censorship religiously which I agreed with a hundred percent! I have been censored and discriminated against several times along in my life by both bikers and non-bikers, just solely because I am deaf and most of all because I'm a biker or I'm just being ignored because I can not speak or hear. Only my hands can speak. I'm a newbie in cyber world and in bike world but in my heart I'm a natural born deaf hard spit in the hand biker. As you may expect to see from some of my postings that I'm a little bit behind trying to ca tch up what's the fuck going on in a hearing world. So I hope you understand my meaning.

When I got my new scoot, Fatboy, there's some things there that I didn't like so I make a few minor radical changes on it. I got a FLH front fender and having Dave Prewitz paint it with my own design despite Dave's protest to my design. I rode the hell out of it and now only a year old it already has 20,000 miles on it. You have to remember that I don't ride much in two winters in New England.

My family, Mom, Pop, Bros, and Sis live in Maine. I'm the only one that's wandering my fucking ass around the country on my scoot frequently stopping by in Maine to see my family and the Bros who are deaf and trying to form a deaf biker club.

Let me tell you about my Bros, when we are at bike rallies or our own parties at the Barn, oh man we partied as hard as we could and shoot a lot of shit discussing Harleys, hanging rice burners, passing out, some horny screwing behind the barn and one of the guys spying on them. Such things which are common among the hearing bikers world except all the sounds are very much different between hearing world and the deaf one. Ours is full of grunts, quiet, no spoken sounds emanating the flow of air, sudden loud yells, foot stomping the floor when someone was trying to call someone else. We stomp our feet or bang hands to get their attention or flicking the light switch to get every ones attention. In my deaf world you will be lost and delighted! When in your world, yes I will be lost and delighted too.

My Mom back in the 60s was a Mother of Ironhorsemen Club, the only deaf person in a hearing club. She had that patch colors vest eloquently drawn with *Mother* on her breast. Now she's old and retired and very eager and encouraging me when I got my scoot. I grew up with the Ironhorsemen with souch name as Chopper, Sonny, Sunny, Snake, ect. When I was little my Dad going out to pick up my Mom at the bar where she's working, took me along. When those old ancient bikers saw me in the car they would haul my skinny ass out of the car and throw me up in the air, me laughing my head off. Now those old timers are gone, Mom having shot some bullets in some of their funerals. Where are they? The true unsung heroes bikers nowadays? Yuppies? Well fuck that, I ain't a Yuppie!

Ok man, enuff of me going motoring my fingers on this. One last thing that sometime along I hope you guys would respect us deaf bikers and give us some feedbacks in how to form out own club as we are struggling a little bit, arranging a run annually into white mountains deep in the woods, running naked in a mountain stream, building a natural rock hot tub, bathing in it, partying amongst our tired huddled mass of Harleys and tents where nobody dared to bother us and staring up at the sky filled with Milkyway star splattered skies. Yes, us bikers will need each others help and stop the censorship and discriminating!!

God bless all our bikes!!

There's a lot more stories I will tell in time...in time it will flow! I'm attaching the pictures of me in the red shirt and my old friend Jerry, whom once owned a 1942 Knuck for 25 years before trading for his new Heritage Springer. Told him he's a fucking idiot, he says "Well I need to ride and I don't have money tree." What the fuck?

Anyone who can help FatboyUSA and his friends in the forming of a club please get in contact with this brother.


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