Helmet Law Modification


The health insurance amendments attached to helmet law modification bills have really drawn a good deal of criticism the last few months and I have to say that I've taken some heat from Jay Huber (Pres. KBA/KMA) regarding my opinion.  But he still hasn't been able to convince me that Kentucky didn't simply cave in and sell a bit of freedom just to ride lidless.  At least the Bros in Texas managed to live up to the spirit of MRO's in conveying the importance of rider education in their modification bill; something Kentucky failed to do.  I'm still upset however over the bottom line "confession" made by those states who bow to the Senate Banking and Insurance committees...a whisper in their ears, "don't tell anyone but yes, you're right, we (motorcyclist) are a public burden and deserve to be singled out as such".  We've been telling everyone just the opposite for years and now we say we made a mistake?   And don't tell me it's none of my business 'cause I don't live in your state.  It's my business 'cause I live in a FREE state and I don't cotton to having to work even harder to remain a FREE state because another state doesn't understand the concept of Freedom or what it means to sell your fellow freedom fighters down the river.


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