Well I've got a 54 page list of helmets tested by the DOT over the last 5 yrs and it dont make a bit of difference if its a $200 Simpson or $2 KMart helmet. Over 60% of the lids tested fail but still can be sold. There is no recall on lids like seat belts and such.

I also am a professional fire fighter(firemen work for the rail road) and emt and have been to many bike accidents. It is my opinion that full face are killers. That chin thing invites all kinds of neck injuries and also directs anything striking the facial area to glide down to your throat. I've had to reach into the throat of a friend's son after a support cable for a phone pole severed his neck after sliding down the helmet. So if any of ya are riding with them things(along with your shorts & sandals) throw em away. Then put on some long jeans and some 16" engineer boots. And if you're looking for lid info ya can email me at Leiferxson@aol.com
Thanx Corky


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