I just read your opinion on helmets and the "burden on society" issue. Its ironic that bikers are quick to support many runs to benefit other people in society but not our own. In Calif. there is a run call the Love Ride which historically raises hundreds of thousands of dollars if not a couple million for MDA. While that is good, what has MDA done to help us?? Its time that we support causes that reciprocate something in return. If bikers could get together and put rides together FOR bikers, we could buy our freedoms!! We could be the Fat cats on Cap Hill with the bank roll to buy the right attitudes in the right places. Perhaps, if this idea of having "Love Rides" for bikers catches on, we could have state and local divisions which allocate support to bikers that have had injury accidents to help put food on the table, pay med bills or ??? How much money poured into Sturgis each year for the the last decade?? ALOT!! Lets start having events like that in a fresh locale where we can get back to the basics-- keep all the price inflated S.O.Bs out. Keep it simple: good locale, good music, good food, good attitudes--no B.S. I have stopped going to all the organized runs, I'm tired of eating chicken and beans for $20.00, and giving $ to organization who could care less about bikers unless they have their wallets with them! Thanks for the opportunity to vent!



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