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I went out and spent almost $500 on this darn PC thinking it would get me in touch with a few people like myself, builders and riders of Harley Davidsons. All I've been able to find is surfers that have handles like XLCH,DYNAGLIDE AND 883! I really quite down the chat rooms when I ask if anyone has experience with crossover brakes, or if anyone can help me find handlebars with internal spark advance controls.

I am a woman that builds and rides her own bikes and I don't want to participate in the stupid titillations that go on in most of these chat rooms. I got on the net to discuss MOTORCYCLES. Generator powered Harley Davidsons to be exact. I've got nothing against those new motorcycles and I have a lot of tolerance (ok, some tolerance) for the people that ride them, but,,, If they want to talk sex, go to the sex chat rooms so that people that want to discuss Harley, parts and maintenance can do so without feeling like they are interrupting or are in the wrong place.

I know how this stuff goes, so before anyone starts attacking me for being a prude..Stop and think again. I am a Biker Bitch with greasy torn fingernails, obscene phone callers hang up on me because I offend them so much, I make dirty old men blush. There's just a right time and place for everything and I wish I knew what they were so this PC can really work for me and my Hawgs.

Ms Hardtail

For starters maybe your just looking in the wrong places. Follow the links below and hopefully you'll find the help you seek.
  • Ken Dykes Harley Digest...This is an email subscription, you'll get a couple of emails a day dealing with all sorts of Harley related subjects. If you go for this I suggest you lurk a bit before you jump in to get the feel of the place.
    Good luck,
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