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Buffalo's 1978 1/2 FXE

1978 1/2 FXE..Semi Custom..Made in M.F.G. [My Fu**ing Garage]
Her name; OBB [Old Blue Bitch]
Engine-Stock 74"
Carb-S&S shorty
Cam-Andrews #2
Ignition-Dyna S 1-6
Paint-'94 GMC Indigo Blue
Forks-6" over
Wheels-Stock Mags
Front fender-Narrowed FLH
Rear fender- FLH /w Struts
Tanks-Five gallon
Battery-One I swear by..It is a sealed unit..[No more acid on the frame]
Also added [Honda] footboards, that followed me home from a GW meeting..[evil sneer]
Bars are at 15" and my favorite
The T-bag for travel time
Sprokets-Rear 51 t. front 23 t
Kick and Electric start
Builder, Painter, Fabricater, and owner- Buffalo
Buffalo has been riding for 47 years for the last 27 with the Night Riders MC [1%ER] out of San Francisco,CA. 20 yrs with M.M.A. 8 yrs of that was as Division Mgr..of Div IV
Riden to Sturgis 29 times.. Daytona ONCE..and never again thank you..
Click here for a shot of the Buffalo himself.


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