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On The Angry Bikers Page someone had the opinion that these Yuppie come lately MotherF**kers aren't Bikers and I totally agree there's a completely different attitude. But also these are the people with all the money and influence.

I say lets get them to start payin some cash to get rid of the helmet laws. My state don't have one but there's no way for me to leave my state without a helmet, and that really sucks. Also these loser so called Americans on there rice burning crap eating two wheeled piece of shit bikes, why not use thier money to help pay laywers for the class action suit like the Magic Man was saying.

It's only as an entire group that we can be a serious force that will make the lying bastards in Washington (not the wet rainy place, but the murder capitol of the world) shake with fear that they might be voted out of office. I'll bet that scares the shit out of them. Look at that bast**d Kennedy what would he do without that seat, get drunk, hell he already is.

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Bubba Zinetti

An interesting note would be what is going on in the state of Texas where the state Senate has given preliminary approval 3-20-97 that no Texas motorcyclist who is at least 21 and carrying insurance would have to wear a helmet. But, and it's a big ass but, if non helmet wearing bikers have wrecks and resulting head injuries, they couldn't get state rehabilitation fund money to help in their recovery under an amendment to the bill. How this would hold up in courts will be interesting to say the least as it plain reeks of discrimination against bikers, but what else is new.
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