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1976 HD XLCH
Rigid Frame kit (that was fun),Kick only
1000 bored over 'cause the walls were scored as hell,with new pistons
New stainless valves, New cams and gears
All new 4-speed gears
New Keihin carb with breather only
2" drags, baffled not muffled
New wiring harness
New brakes
Seat and Bitch-pad found somehere in ElPaso
Tach and Speedo from Zippers
Rebuilt stock forks (lookin' for 1" or 2" extendeds tho)
Parts (like ignition, coil, volt reg) put wherever they would fit
Custom Chrome oil filter with wrap around oil tank
3 1/2 gal. Fat-Bobs
About 500 miles on her now
Built in my living room, came out kinda the way I was hoping. Rides like a brick, my pride and joy.


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