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Vulture's Evo

My goal with this bike was to build a bike that was a serious highway ride, but still had lots of classic styling from the early '60's etc. Being a big, dumbassed, long-legged, Texas boy, I chose the FLT frame for the roominess it had. I chose the Road King as a starting point, because it had a clean nacelle headlight housing, which I have always loved.

Currently, the bike is equipped as follows:
Screamin' Eagle Stage 1 cam
Model '81 S&S Super 'B' carb
White Bros. rear lowering kit (1 1/2")
16" Apes
Mustang Touring seat
HD Touring mufflers with fishtail ends and modified baffles

This winter I'm gonna shoot on a fresh coat of candy black with silver and black pearl ghost flames, have the heads milled and ported, and make a custom two piece seat and a round tube sissy-bar. Maybe, juuuusssstt maybe, one of these days I'll put on a 3" open belt primary.... hhmmmm.... wonder how much I got in the piggy bank...

I sure would appreciate any ideas and feedback you folks have on this project. Anything goes, so shoot me a kite if ya want too

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