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Skip's '87 FLST

This is a pic of my '87 FLST. It was in here several years ago, right after I bought it.

Here's the tech stuff on its present incarnation:

1987 FLST Heritage, approximately 100k miles, replaced all top end gaskets 'cause the base gaskets were toast, '92 Sporty rear wheel, LePera Cherokee seat, 4 inch risers, bars made from mid 70s style stainless buckhorns with 4 inches added to ends & Pat Kennedy internal throttle, all wires removed from bars, eliminated all unnecessary wiring & switches, paint is rattle can Rustoleum Hammered Black, 5 3/4 inch headlight with 100w/80w German Rally bulb, hidden front turn signals, rear signals mounted close in on fender, hand made stainless rear fender extension with mini horn mounted behind battery box, braided stainless front brake line with hydraulic switch hidden behind fork tins, foot boards moved forward about 4 inches, stock rear brake pedal cut, bent, & welded to fit it with boards, wheels & belt pulley painted red, used to have rocker clutch & hand shift but the cable broke so I stuck the stock stuff back on 'til I finish fabricating a hydraulic clutch setup, & finally, waiting on a FatBoy front fender, and painting the lower legs to match bike.

Oh yeah, I hate chrome, and wrinkle black covers a multitude of sins!

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