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Panhead Joe's Shovelhead

Panhead Joe's '77 Shovelhead

This Shovel started out as a really hammered FX, only the frame was intact and useable. I spent over a year searching swap meets, garages and used parts bins to get it to this point.

I wanna thank Bobby Z in Fresno for a great job on polishing all the aluminum! I also gotta thank my bro's for help and their support during this project, especially Skip for putting up with the shop in such disarray for so long.

I used GMA brakes as the HD banana's aren't worth messing with, other than that mostly stock parts, a little head work and an Andrews 'A' grind, an S&S super 'E' carb powered this big old turd down the road, very comfortable but a little slow and spongy for this regular rigid rider!

Check out my other projects at my page.

Panhead Joe