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Steve's 96

Steve's 96" S&S

S&S (should be $&$)  96ci (1573cc) / 108 HP with S&S E series Carb./
This bike has only been on the road sense Jan.14th 1998 but, already has 4500 miles as of May 7th... Wanted a classic clean look so went with Basic Black and Chrome with Wire Wheels.  I have had comments about no back seat for a passenger and my reply has always been, "So What's Your Fucking Point!!!" (do have a little bitch seat that I can "stick-on" when the mood strikes me) Although you can't tell from this angel  the rear tire is an Avon 180/55 x18 (that's about 8" across) and freaks out all those rice burners when they get a look at it from the backview...(smile).....