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Mystery Rider's 1976 FXE - 93" Stroker

When I bought the bike it was all in pieces. It was in (2) large boxes and a laundry basket. I am the third owner. It took (3) years to build from scratch. Some of the parts and rebuild include the following:
Engine Size: 93" C.I. Stroker
Flywheel Stroke: 5.330" Stroke (+.200" Longer than Stock)
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Pistons Size: 4" Bore Wiseco Pistons
Type Cylinders: Axtell Jugs (Big Bore)
Cam: Andrews V-Thunder "SH-4050"
Transmission: 4 Speed Harley Davidson Stock
Carburetor: S&S Super "G"
Shocks: Progressive
Fork Assembly: 1983 FXWG Dual Disc MC Specialties Wide Glide Forks/ (3) Degree Rake, K&N Medium Buckhorn Handlebars with Rick Doss 3 1/2" Pullback Risers
Sheet Metal: Custom Ducktail Front Fender, FL One Piece Rear Fender with Dyna WG Struts, 5.0 Gallon (2) Piece Fat-Bob Gas Tanks
Electrical Lighting: Arleen Ness
Ignition System: "Blue Streak" High Performance Oversized Ventilated Points and Condenser.
Frame: HD Modified with 33 Degree Rake, (3 Degree over stock), with 2" Front Leg Stretch
Wheels: 21" Front Chrome Spoke Dual Disc, 16" Solid Fat Boy Rear Wheel
Paint: 1996 Ford Explorer (Eddie Bauer) Electric Currant Red Metallic
**Note: Presently Changing Color scheme to MinBlau Blue/Black Mica Metallic with Silver/Gold Flake Added - 2000 Audi TT Color Scheme PS: Be sure to check out our website/magazine for the local southeast biker happenings. I am one of the "Road Reporters" for the Rag
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