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MsHardtail's 53 Panhead

MsHardtail's '53 Panhead
I call him The Breeze, any guesses why?
1953 FL 74" Lovingly built and painted by me. Stock as I could find and afford, minimum aftermarket parts. Stock gearing Mousetrap clutch Stock mechanical brakes (what was I thinkin?) 12 Volt conversion so I decided to electrify the stock glacier blue paint scheme with a bit of metalflake. Pogo seat with just the right amount of tilt ... don't think men would like it though. ;) Sometimes I think I should've kept the swap meet-dirty one kick panhead-grunge look, he's given me a few fits since I made him purdy.... then I stand back and look again.
*I've had the pleasure of meeting MsHardtail and belive it when it's said she can ride and wrench with the best of em. A great lady.

Judy aka MsHardtail