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Michael's '72 FLH

Michael's Shovel

For updated files 10-28-00 Click Here

Motor / 82 Shovel 80cid
Front end /16 over raked 45degrees dangerous as hell
Trans/4spd boot only
Stroke/this will be a mistery till it blows up
Cam/Andrews J grind
Pipes/ front cycleshack rear found at a swap meet and lengthened
Seat/ not soft enuff
Bitch bar / in a box and for sale btw
Front tire /130/90/16 Good year "Death grip" weather cracked and old (like me)
Rear tire /140/90/16 Similar to front .....
Brakes /Rear mechanical .....Front drum might as well drag my feet
Paint / tank came that colour ( black) from the swap meet. Rear fender is chrome offa some jap bike. Front is rattle can black.

Builder/ Me with a lil help from Bambam, Rude dog and Brian. No two parts mated here have been together before this is a labour of love consisting of two years picking up pieces and two weeks throwing it all together.
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