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Joe's 1978 Shovelhead

Joe's '78 Shovel

I built this one from the ground up.
The motor began life as HD's first new 80" in late '78. As you can see not much about it is stock any more.
The frame is raked 5 degrees over stock and streched 2".
The motor still has the stock flywheels but thats it.
S&S rods
JIMS shafts
Wiseco 10 to 1 pistons
S&S sidewinder barrels
S&S heads
Velvatouch lifters,(a recent addition)
Andrews 'B'grind
Supertrapp exhaust system
S&S super 'G' carb
Andrews gears in the tranny
I added the dual disc brakes to the '56 lower legs with Russell stainless discs, the tubes are 6" over stock.
I powdercoated the rims, frame, cone, primary cover, rockerboxes, headlight, tanks and fenders.
Primo belt drive  connects motor & tranny
I squeezed a Metzler 150-15 on the rear and a 21" Metzler on the front
This unit screams! I smoke those $30,000.00 evos on a regular basis, though I've less than $8,000.00 invested in my Shovel!
I have a homepage at
Panhead Joe