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Jason's '58 Rat

The FL stripper is a bike I picked up a while back and built from a box. It's got great lines and is too fast for the drum brakes. It's a little ratty looking now, but, this winter I'll break it down and re-do it right. Frame '58FL swingarm
Sheet-metal '58 original
Trans-4 speed of course, kick only, '71
Controls- Forward
Front end-'58 DuoGlide
Pipes-4 piece with fishtail
Tank badges-flipped
Motor-'71 shovel, stroked, flywheels shaved and balanced
Carb- B
Electrics-7 wires
Brakes-'58 hydraulic drum rear, mech drum front
Clutch-two-way , mousetrap
Speed-capable of evading high-speed pursuit
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