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Ivan's '79 Turbo

Ivans 79 FXS turbo

Heads welded and ports reshaped
Multiangle valves and seats
Andrews A cam with solids
S&S shorty carb
K.K.K. turbo (from Ford transit van)
Lots of polished aluminium and stainless parts
Building time:12 years so far
Everything has been made on a low budget. The paint is about $100.00 worth of basic black, and the turbo kit cost me less than $500.00 to fabricate.
I have never had any parts chromed for the bike, instead I try to make my parts in either stainless or aluminium.
I took of the seat 4 or 5 years ago because I wanted to make a new one,but realising that seats doesn´t improve acceleration I never got it done.
Comments are welcome
Ivan in Denmark