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E-Man's '68 FLH

E-Man's '68 FLH

I bought it out of a guys garage where it had been sitting for about 8 years. It was a total pile of rust, but it did run. Basically, every part on the bike was broken or rusted. I restored it in my garage. It took two years (approx) to complete. Well they're never really complete, are they?

The bike's totally stock with the exception of 7.5:1 compression pistons and an S&S Super "E" carb. The exhaust is a repro two into one with a Paughco fishtail muffler. The seat is a Mustang wide nostalgia. Tires are Avon. Paint was done at Legacy Paint Works, Garland TX. Plugs are Autolite Platinum and the points and wires are Accel.

It's been a great bike with no problems since the rebuild.