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DCHEF's Shovelhead

DCHEF's 1997 [new construction] Shovelhead

It started life as a 1979 FLH but I was hit two seasons ago and had to replace the frame. It is now called a 1997 by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
33 degree rake, 2 inch stretch
Stretch tanks, with aircraft style gas caps
Taildragger fenders with front modified for air flow to AER cooler in fairing
Progressive Suspension shocks and fork internals
GMA brakes [calipers and discs]
Fully rebuilt tranny with Jims and Andrews components
AER oil cooler
Front end, rockerboxes, cylinders, oil tank, struts powder coated
Delkron cases
Owner secret
Since photos were taken

Ness wideglide fairing with integrated light/directional
Spot lamps removed
Swingarm lights added and rear fender mounted lights removed
Rotor centers powder coated
Thunderheader stripped of rust and ceramic coated black [reinstalled]
Solo saddle by Corbin
16" Akront wheels
All bodywork, construction and paint by owner. Motorwork by JD Cycle in Clinton Mass.