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KB's Class Project
1957 Pan basket case, building it into an old school bobber chop.
First image is when I first brought it home and set the trans and engine case in her.

The second and third is after the motor rebuild. 84 inch stroker S&S hot kit put in with Andrews "B" cam, S&S CARB, .060 S&S pistons putting her around 86 inches. I am going to run it suicide shift no front brake, 3 inch BDL open primary. I am fabricating my own shifter handle, fender struts, neck gusset and a spider web style cage for the open belt.

Using this as a class project now to show my welding students about fabrication and they are pumped to help with the bike. Images to follow.

The class project is now rolling down the highways......and I must admit I'm glad he listened when I asked about that *no front brake*
Rolling**Paul Cox seat

Need some metal work done, custom sign or something, check out his website.

Updated 3-22-2005
2005 Kennedy High School Class Project Chop build. we won 4 awards this last weekend at the Donnie Smith bike show.

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