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Mail Photos for Scanning

Another Toon build from the Neverlands

Pan Mike's '53 FL Panhead

Germaine's Nightrain

Bambam Piet's Shovel

Wanda's '75 FLH

Rico's '96 FLHTC

Tommy's chopped '05 Sporty

Harry's '78 FLH

Krissy Z's '88 FXST Custom Updated 12-07

Bo's Ride

Tommy's Sporty

MindScab's Evo

Rick's Shovel

Beener's Shovel

Gary's Shovel

PegLeg's Shovel Trike

Bobby's 883 bobber

Jason's '05 Heritage

Ace's ride

Les's Sporty

Dave's Sporty

PanMike's '46 Knuck**Page updated 7-9-06

Al's Sporty

Paul's '05 Sporty

New Zealand Chris's Sporty

Gary's '05 Heritage

Arlin's 99 Fatboy

JJ's Deuce

Ralphie's '02 Red-Horse

Chuck's '02 Heritage

Scott's Shovel

Richard's '84 FXWG

John's '03 Fatboy

Z's '01 Sporty

Art's '79 Shovel

Mike's '79

Ilja's '78 FLH

Anton's Custom Evo

JW's '82 Shovel

Chad's '72 Shovel

Tat2Joel's '72 Shovel

Speed's ChopUpdated 4-17-05

John's Deuce

Papabear's Trike

Mitch's '03 FXSTUpdated 3-4-05

Class Project*updated 3-22-05

Arlin's custon Shovel

Bud's Custom

Roland's custom Softail updated 2-05

Big Bud's Shovel

Joel's '04 VRod

Rumblur's '75 Shovel

Henry's '82 Shovel

Chad's '48/'66 Pan-Shovel

Gary's Custom Sporty

Falcon's '90 FXRP

Poolmastro's 71 FLH*Updated 10-22-04

Rob's '02 Sporty

Gene's '01 Dyna Wide Glide

Big Dan's Custom

David's '77 Shovel

Tony's '76 Shovel

Skip's '87 FLST

Wheel's '97 WG

Jonh's '01 Heritage

Paul's '84 FXWG

Joel's '91 Softtail Springer

BcPacker's '03 Lowrider

PanMike's '69 Shovel

Brad's '67 FLH

Dave's Shovel

Joe's Shovel

Chris's '01 FLHRPI

Beau's 92 FXR

John's VRod

Martin's '98 FLSTS

KB's 52-57 Ironhead

Ken's '78 FXS

Jim's '78 Shovel

Henry's '82 Shovel

Bruce's '95 Heritage

Benny's '80 Lowrider

Rick's '88 Sporty

JW's '82 FLT

Steve's '93 FXR

Jack's Shovel

Mike's custom Fatboy

Chris's custom Fatboy

Taz's Shovel

Darren's Shovel

Gallegos's '72 FLH

Panhead John's '54

Denton's custon Road King

Toon's Sturgis

Mitch's 2001 FXDX

Polish customs

BigDan's Shovel, Pan and special const.

Wayne's '81 Sporty

Terry's Shovelhead

Dyno Denny's '59 Pan

Jughead's '71 FLH

Beth's Shovel

Steven's custom Evo

Zingert's rigid Shovel

HRace's 02 FLHTC

Terry's '57 Pan/Shovel

Eric's '74 Shovel

Mike's Softail Deuce

Cracky's Shovelhead

Mark's custom '92 FXLR

Kevin's Fatboy

Animal's Shovel

Jason's Titan

Billy's Hugger

Daran's Shovel

Colin's Shovel

Motorman's Panhead

John's Sporty

Rick's '50 Pan/Shovel

Hacksaw's custom Limey

Toon's Cowglide

Ward's Knuckle/Shovel

Roger's Pan

Wayne's Pan

Fred's '77 FLH

Stripe's Sporty

Stinky's FLH Shovel

Bob's 92 Heritage

Ms Hardtail's '53 Pan

Skip's'87 Heritage

Mark's '99 Night Train

Billy's Dad's '50 Pan/Shovel

Doc's '72 FLH

Greg's '97 Fatboy

Irish's Sporty

Fredo's '78 FLH

Dino's '99 Special Construction

Big Mike's '79 FXS

Pirate's '54 Panhead

Dogman's '99 FLHTC

William's '92 FLSTC

Mystery Rider's 76 FXE

Bear's Sporty

Rick's '89 FXSTS

Hagar's '97 FLSTS

Dan's Sporty

HitMan's Sporty

Scottyd's '93 Lowrider

Jame's '93 SoftTail

Rick's '89 FXSTS

Toon's Evo

Muck's '98 FXD

Frank's '99 Springer

Russ's '99 RoadKing

Dennis's Custom Evo

Matt & Mike's Trike

Animal's '80 Shovel

Tony's '98 Heritage

Bob's '93 FXR

Gary's '66 Shovel

Ron's early Shovel

Stump's '96 FatBoy

Coy's '70 XR-750

Panhead's '61 Pan

Jerry's '49 Pan

Scotty's '78 FLH

Danno's'81FXB Sturgis

Jack's '95 Dyna

Earl's '93 FXDL

Butch's '97 Dyna

Shawn's '91 Sturgis

Porky's '93 FLHTP

Sonny's Pan/Shovel

Doug's Chopper

AshDad's Buell

PanMike's '51

Clayton's '97 Heritage

Fred's Shovel

Lindsay's Shovel

Michael's Shovel

Big Wazoo's Shovel

Panhead's '51

Bob's Heritage


T. Clark's Green Hornet

Roscoe's ProjectUpdated 9-4-99

Ivan's Shovel


Rick's XLH

Harley Flynn's Shovel

E-Man's Shovel

Larry D's Shovelhead

Deutch's Heritage

DCHEF's Shovelhead

Hillybilly's '60 Pan

ToolMaaan's Evo

Rad's Sporty

Tulsa Mike's S&S

Panhead Joe's Shovelhead

Motorman's Pan\Shovelhead

Lina's Shovel

Buzzard's '46 Servi-car

Budster's '80 FXWG

Deanoho's 78 Sporty

Gator's Shovel

AvGas's Shovel

Dano's Shovel

Roadx's 64 Pan

Bambam's Shovel

Mike's 77 FLH

Joe's 55 Pan

Yakko's 86 FXRP

Big Jim's Shovel

Glen's 93 Springer

Nail's 96" S&S

Weez's Pan & Shovel

Buttmunch's Sporty

Irish Mike's Shovel

CcRider's Shovel

Flash's scoot

peewee's '54 KHK

Bone's 75 XLH

Jonesy's 96" S&S

O. Jett's Shovel

Joe's Shovel

Arlo's '57 Iron Horse

John and Vicki's Evo

GodZilla's Pan

Panhead Joe's Pan

Kirk's '81 FXB Sturgis

Smith's Road King

Steve's '75 XLH

Dennis's Pan

Johno's Fat Boy

Tom's Shovel

Canada Darrell's Shovel

Billy D's Pan

Tigger's 96" S&S

Partsman's Pan

MsHardtails Shovel

Rudedog's Shovel

Steve's Shovel

Skip's Update

Steven's Evo

Barry's 55 KH

Sharon's Pan

Doc's Shovel

Darrell's Shovel

Pony's Scoot

Maddog's Sporty

Buffalo's Shovel

Loon's Shovel

Missin Link's Sporty

Mongrel's Pan

Jason's 58 Rat

Ray's Triumph

Vulture's Evo

Dozer's Ninga killer

Bambam's Shovel

Woodman's Gypsy

Bill's Lowrider

Pan50's Pan

Steve's FLHS

Skip's Evo

Faithful's FX

RebelRdr's trophy bike

Jokey's Evo


Slim's Shovel


FourSpeed's Shovel

Cuz's Shovel

Snake's scoot

Eddie's scoot

Tank's Evo

OWG's scoot