By Black Bart


There are three different responses to the new found popularity in Harley Davidson. One is to abhor it and show hostility toward all the newcomers. The idea that their all wannabes and not real "Bikers" wonít wash. The fact is that these people are going to ride regardless.

The opportunities presented by this new crop of riders is endless. Hundreds of businessmen, lawyers and even a few Congressmen all riding Harleys. Bikers everywhere should be praising God for this new voice in government for our freedoms.

The second response it too say "hey, they ride, their bikers. Lets all be friends". This particular response I personally hope doesnít happen. Not that I donít think we should get along but I do believe there should be a fine line between "enthusiast" and "biker". I have never considered a biker as just someone who rides motorcycles. I believe a Biker is a state of mind. They are someone who believes in freedom, their country (not necessarily the government), their way of life and the right of others to live the way they want. They are a culture all there own with good guys and assholes like any other culture.

Bikers should befriend all the new riders that are out there but also stay separate. A lot of the new riders look at bikers with envy justified or not. Most work their nine to five jobs, pay their taxes and bills and wish they could have the freedom they perceive bikers have. They like to go to rallies and parties and pretend they are footloose and free for at least that weekend before they have to go back to what they think is a boring existence. At the same time the Biker needs these people for their voice in government and business. Letís be honest when a big guy with long hair, beard and tattoos stands in front of a judge his chances arenít as good as some clean shaven lawyer in a suit (who happens to ride a harley).

Both cultures, bikers and enthusiasts must live together to survive. Use the resources the other has to offer without animosity or suspicion. Both can easily coexist without friction if everybody can get beyond prejudices, bigotry and suspicions. If they want to ride with us let them. If they want to help us preserve our way of life let them, and we all win.


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