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Secure Exhaust

by PocoCJ

Get a stainless bolt too long to tighten up in the hole with the pipes in place. It's gotta be long enough to run a stainless nut and lock washer up near the head. You can use a socket head bolt, if you want, for better looks.

With the nut and washer run up near the bolt head, slather some nickel based anti-seize made for stainless steel on the threads. Install your exhaust pipe. Run the bolt into the head until it bottoms out in the hole. If your threads are in good shape you should be able to do this with your hand. You just want the bolt in the hole without putting any stress on the threads.

Put a dollop of high temp thread locker on the exposed threads. Run the nut and lock washer down on the threads and torque to spec. You're done!
The nickel anti-seize will keep the bolt and head threads from galling. The high temp thread locker will keep it snugged tight.

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For another method I've found these to work really great, been using them for years. Stage 8 Locking safety bolts

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