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Barry's 55 KH

1955  Harley Davidson Model KH
886cc  54ci Flat Head V Twin (Castle Head)
2.75" bore X 4 and 9/16" Stroke (can you say vibration?)
Aprox 40 Horse Power  (Stock)
Reported Top Speed 100mph  (I've seen 96mph at 2500ft, with windshield on)
"About wore all the enamel off my teeth"
Standing 1/4 mile  14.75 sec. (1954 KH, Cycle Magazine Test, March '54)
Have twenty thousand miles since painting in '88 (lots of top ends later)
Really fun around town and in the twisties, modified suspension with
progressive springs and shocks, Oil Cooler, Bendix Carb and KR Race Heads.
Tires are good, brakes are stock, and not worth a Shit! (text book collision
avoidence does apply)
"A funner bike I've never owned, or, biggest pain in the ass I've ever


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